Motorized Cellular Blinds | Bintronic

Motorized Cellular Blinds provide a very warm and cozy feel to any room. Due to their construction, they will also improve the energy efficiency of your home. For a warm and cozy feel, our light filtering cellular shades allow the gentle filtration of light through the shade. For blocking out light, our blackout shades are the most opaque and provide the light blockage possible.

Motorized wooden blinds | Bintronic

Motorized wooden blinds are a versatile custom window treatment that can work beautifully in any window, with every decorating style. They also offer superior light control, energy efficiency and noise reduction. They are the ideal window dressing to compliment your home or office.

Motorized Sheer Roller Blinds | Bintronic

Motorized sheer roller blinds are also known as zebra curtains, rainbow curtains. Appearance of elegant simplicity, full modern sense, does not occupy the space, the curtains, simple shade form, completely without prejudice to the vision, are ideal for office and home decoration.

Motorized Sheer Horizontal Blinds | Bintronic

Motorized sheer horizontal blinds are made up of two layers of sheer fabric that enclose adjustable fabric vanes(slats), which cuts out direct sunlight but still allows visibility to the outside. You can control how much visibility you have to the outside by opening or closing the vanes. They are add contemporary elegance to any room and are available in both light filtering and room darkening models.

Motorized Sheer Vertical Blinds | Bintronic

Motorized sheer vertical blinds feature a vane covered by a layer of soft sheer fabric. You can position the vanes completely open, closed or anywhere in between for the ultimate in light and privacy control.

motorized sheer vertical blinds by Bintronic

Electric Curtains | Bintronic

Electric curtains bring a completely new thinking to your interiors. It gives you the freedom to control the curtain. It can be operated by various switching methods including the standard wall switch, radio remote and infra red remote control, also automation systems. Electric curtains are suitable for offices, homes, hospitals small auditoriums, home theaters.

Motorized Roller Blinds | Bintronic

Motorized roller blinds are the blinds in which fabric is particularly strengthened so that it rolls up or down onto a tube as you want. These are durable, long-lasting and practical, making them a good fit for many window treatments.